With an understanding of the Planning Application process and assisting with the requirements at each stage to assist Planning Consultants and Architects, we work hard to ensure our involvement always results in a positive influence to the planning application.
A summary of the key services we offer across the Planning Application process are as follows:
Pre-application Assistance
We are able to give high-level judgements when it comes to pre-planning application assessments during the development of early stage feasibility work, where initial confidence is sought or an early approach to the Local Highway Authority is required  for an ‘in-principle’ view as to the likelihood of a project’s potential success.
Access Feasibility
Questions such as ‘Can a safe and suitable access be achieved to support a development proposal?’ or  'Will the access or junction we are proposing meet with the Highway or Planning Authority standards?’  should be thought about early in the development process and we are well placed to provide you with the answers to support your applications.
Planning Application Inputs
Preparation of planning application reports including Transport Statements, Transport Assessments, Travel Plans, Non-motorised User Audits, Technical Notes
Detailed Design and Post Planning
Advice and recommendations on Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs), Parking Provision and more.

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