We are proactive throughout the design process and try to add value whenever we can, striving to maximise the developments’ potential to ensure viability as well as returns for our clients. 
Typically, land promoters and developers require the following through the various stages of the development planning process:
Site Access and Feasibility Design Review
We identify, justify and agree ‘safe and suitable’ access to unlock development sites. This reflects not just access for vehicles, but also for non-motorised road users (pedestrians & cyclists), public transport, as well as for mobility-impaired and vulnerable road users.
Transport Assessments
This is a detailed report required required for all planning applications where the associated development is anticipated as having the potential to cause a significant impact on the highway network. Transport Assessments typically require complex investigations of site accessibility and the promotion of sustainable travel, detailed analysis of highway safety and advanced traffic generation and distribution assessments culminating in junction and network capacity modelling. 
Note: Elements of the assessment may be sub-contracted.
Transport Statements
Major development proposals which do not require a full Transport Assessment are still often required to provide a Transport Statement report summarising the key highway-related components of the development, and providing any necessary evidence requested by the highway authority in order to justify the location, design or impact of the scheme.
Travel Plan
This is a package of actions to encourage safe, healthy and sustainable travel options. By reducing car travel, Travel Plans can improve health and wellbeing, free up car parking space, and make a positive contribution to the local area and the environment.

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